Book Review: The Edge Of Everything by Jeff Gilles

This is a non-spoiler review.

4.5/5 stars / Goodreads

Hello everyone! So it’s the second day of Booktubeathon, and while I was not planning for “The Edge of Everything” to be one of the books I completed this week, it ended up being just that. It also completes the challenge “Read a book you bought because of the cover”. I have a lot to say about it but I’m going to try to keep it as concise as possible.

I absolutely enjoyed this book. Judging by the cover (I know, sue me), you wouldn’t expect this book to have a story anything like the one it does. However it combines fantasy and realism together perfectly.

The story primarily takes place over two different world/settings. One that we’re very familiar with and one that we aren’t. I have to say that the world building was done excellently, so much so that very soon into the novel I was able to fully understand the fantasy aspects of the world and how everything functioned.

The characters in this story also really stood out for me. It didn’t feel like any character was just there to be a stand in, and each one had very specific traits that made them stand out. I love the way the author used language and a more eloquent speech style for certain characters to help establish upbringings and back stories that we may not have been able to dive deeper into.

The actual story line flowed very well in my opinion. Like I said earlier about there being two set worlds, there wasn’t too much bounce back between the two that didn’t make sense or way too much time spent in one and not the other. I felt like the balance between the two was really good.

The relationships in this novel, both romantically and not, really helped bring characters and the story to life. I loved the family dynamic between different characters the most, and seeing how they bonded really added to the story.

I was also very satisfied with the end of this novel. I quite honestly wouldn’t be mad if it was a stand alone story, but I do believe that there is a sequel that may be coming out next year (I’m not 100% sure on this). However, there are a lot of things that the sequel would be able to cover and I’m excited to be able to read about those things as well.

That’s all I have to say about this novel! I definitely would recommend you read it if you want a fast paced fantasy novel that is extremely easy to get into.


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