Review: Champions: At Fire’s End by Charlotte Jain

I was very kindly set an electronic copy of this book from Charlotte Jain herself and I have to say that I very much enjoyed reading this novel! The picture I took for this post has books that represent the four major elements in the background (earth, fire, water, air) as they play a huge role in this novel!

“Champions: At Fire’s End” is a mythological fantasy story, and as someone who doesn’t read a lot of mythology, I can say that I still found this novel interesting, for several reasons. This is also a non-spoiler review ๐Ÿ™‚


Our two main characters are April and Kyle, seventeen year old best friends and 2/4 of the Champions in this story. I felt as though both their personalities were described and developed really well throughout the novel and I found it very easy to understand their own personal traits and habits. They also complemented each other really well.

April was a very interesting character to read about. Seeing her leadership come into play along with a more vulnerable side to her, and finding out what caused that shift in her character, definitely added to the story. We see many different sides of her and seeing how Kyle reacts to those different sides is super intriguing in terms of how it furthers their friendship.

Kyle’s character was mostly established near the start of the novel and I think he pretty much stayed the same throughout. We also see him at vulnerable stages, mostly near the end of the novel, but I feel as though that side of him could have been explored more. There really is only one chapter near the end when April comes to visit Kyle’s room through a trap door where we truly see how everything has impacted him and I found that part really unique and emotional.

I would have also liked to see more of Themis and Hermes and heard more about their backstory with April and Kyle. We really only see them as guides in this novel, and while that may have been the intention, I would be interested in seeing if there was a more parental side to them that was more loving and caring. Who knows, maybe we’ll see that in future books or maybe they’re honestly just heartless immortals (I mean they were kind of harsh at times, like help your kid out dude :P)


I really enjoyed the premise of this story. Like I said before, I don’t really read much mythology, but I really enjoyed this novel. It isn’t like anything I’ve read before and while having an overall main plot line of the Champions’ War, there’s smaller subplots, like the tasks the Immortals send Kyle and April out on. I felt as though everything flowed smoothly and was easy to follow while still remaining very intriguing, as I said earlier.


Okay I have to say what really made this book for me was the way it was written. I have to give Charlotte Jain major props for her language because the way she described the world (that being Caria) and the powers of each Champion made everything feel so much more vivid and realistic. Hearing each characters’ internal dialogue only added to this. Everything felt smooth and eloquent with the wording throughout this book. I truly felt as though the imagery created and the words used to do so brought something unique to this story.


That’s all I have to say about this novel! Again, major thank you to Charlotte Jain for sending me a copy of her novel. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys action packed mythology adventures that has to deal with the four major elements as well ๐Ÿ™‚




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