The Bookshelf Tag

I found this tag on DreamLandBookBlog’s page and I couldn’t help but want to do it myself because I loved the questions and a lot of picture taking was involved πŸ™‚ The original version of this tag can be found here.

So let’s answer these questions!

Describe your bookshelf and where you got it from

This is my main bookshelf which is from a store called ID Design, but I’m pretty sure that IKEA has the same model as well. These shelves have literally been in my family for ages as they were my sister’s before they became mine. On one side of my bookshelf, I keep track of all the books I read during the year. As you can see, I’m still stuck in the great reading slump of 2017 😦



This is my second set of shelves which are invisible bookshelves! I think these are adorable, and I got them from a store called Brands for Less, sometimes also known as Tchibo.

How do you organize your books?

There really isn’t a specific way that I organize my shelves. I kind of just put books wherever I feel they fit together. I try to keep it organized by each square on my main shelf, but there really is not specific way to categorize each one.

What’s the longest book on your shelf?

So technically, it’s my dictionary, but if you don’t count that I think it would be Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.


What’s the shortest book on your shelf?

That would have to be “And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street” by Dr. Seuss. This book is literally one of my favourite childhood stories, and a super overlooked and underrated Dr. Seuss book.Β sdr

Is there a book you received as a birthday gift?

“The Rest Of Us Just Live Here” by Patrick Ness was given to me by my mother for my 16th birthday. I had to take 3 different pictures of this book because it is absolutely gorgeous in every single way possible. I mean look at that embossing and those coloured pages!

Is there a book from a friend on your shelf?

If we’re getting technical, this books was actually given to me by my sister, but she counts as a friend right? Anyway this is another contemporary novel I feel is overlooked in the book community and I think everyone should give it a try.


The most expensive book on your shelf?

Funnily enough this was also given to me by my sister for Christmas last year! I have to say though, these books are so worth the price in my opinion. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous, I think that Jim Kay does an amazing job of bringing the Wizarding World to life even more through his pictures.


The last book you read on your shelf?

I actually read most of my books on my kindle, so I actually read this book back in January! But it was still a very eye opening book but is quite dark and serious.

Trigger Warnings for this book include: suicide, self harm, alcoholism, depression


Do you have any complete series?

Indeed I do!

The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis
The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer
Maximum Ride by James Patterson
The 39 Clues and Cahills vs Vespers by various authors
Harry Potter by JK Rowling
Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard

What’s the newest addition to your shelf?

That would be Caraval by Stephanie Garber. I am so excited to read this book!


The oldest book on your shelf/ The most beat up book on your shelf?

So I combined these two questions because I have one book that qualifies for both positions, that being Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by JK Rowling. Now, before you judge me for the horrible state this book is in, you should know that it was bought back in the 90s around the time the book was originally released and was originally for my oldest sister. She is currently 23 and read this book around the age of 6. The book was then passed onto my brother to read and then onto myself, and both my parents read it as well. Along with that, this copy has been lent out to several friends. Because of all this I’m really not that upset about the state of the book since it really has been well read πŸ™‚

What’s a book you’d hate to let out of your sight? (A.K.A. No one is touching it. Ever.)

This is 100% by 150 years anniversary illustrated addition of Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass. This book is BEAUTIFUL and so perfect in every way I am very very very possessive of it. I am also SUPER lucky because I got this book BRAND NEW for only $20 at Strand Bookstore in NYC. I mean is that a steal or is that a steal?!

Most pristine book?

I’d have to say Caraval by Stephanie Garber again, since it is my most recent purchase and hasn’t been read yet. However, the above Alice in Wonderland book comes very close as I have made to sure to keep it in pristine condition.

A book that doesn’t belong to you?

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams is sitting on my shelf because I still need to read it! It actually belongs to my brother.


A book that is your favourite colour?

I love this aquamarine colour.


A book that’s been on your shelf the longest and you still haven’t read it?

A collection of short stories by Roald Dahl. I don’t actually know if I plan on reading this anytime soon either….but I will read it eventually!


Of all the books on your shelf, which was your first read?

This definitely was not my first read ever, but I did buy this book back in 2009, so I guess it is pretty old.


Any signed books?

This book isn’t even signed to me, it’s signed to my brother, but it is the only signed copies I have because this author came to my school! Unfortunately I don’t live in a country where well known authors visit at all.



And that’s it! I really enjoyed doing this tag and I tag everyone who wants to try it! Especially those who love to take and edit pictures. I hope you guys learned a little about my bookshelves! If you do this tag please let me know because I love to read other people’s answers to these questions πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “The Bookshelf Tag

  1. Wow you really are an inspiration. It’s so great to see young women like yourself who have a strong passion for actual physical books! Kids these days have easy access to books on their tablets and computers and are sadly missing out on the feeling of satisfaction that comes with reading a proper book! Keep it up and remain a fabulous role model to your own generation as well as generations to come.

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