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Hello hello hello!

So yes, I did disappear for ages on this blog which was largely due to the amount of schoolwork and extra curricular activities I had to focus on. HOWEVER, in exactly one week, I will be done with exams and starting my summer break! This will definitely give me more time to publish on this blog, read more, do review and tags etc. So if you can stick around over here, I hope you enjoy what I post!

Okay, now to the review.

5/5 stars 😀

(Note: my picture for this blog post is one I really enjoyed taking! I put together a bunch of knicknacks that I felt like would be something like Joshua’s shelves in his room to a little TARDIS, for Sophia’s love of Doctor Who :D)

So recently,  I read this book by Melissa Keil and can I say that I was absolutely blown away. This book brought together so many little details into one wholesome and unique story that I absolutely adore. From the characters, to detailing issues of anxiety and being the odd one out in school, not only was the book completely encapsulating but it was also very relatable. I could put myself into the shoes of both our main characters, which personally  made reading this book really enjoyable.

If you’re looking to read a cute contemporary novel I highly recommend this book. While it has all the cutesy moments that always help to get out of reading slumps, it is so unique in the way the characters are developed. I love how our male lead is an aspiring magician who has so many interesting quirks that we discover throughout the novel. There are so many small things that make this novel stand out from other contemporary romances.

Okay, the rest of this review is going to have spoilers so if you haven’t read the book yet don’t read anymore! But be sure to come back once you have and talk about it in the comments with me 🙂


Oh my goodness okay so can we TALK ABOUT JOSHUA.

Joshua is one of the cutest most considerate and creative boys I’ve ever read about in a romance novel. I think what was special for me about the way his character was described in this book were the tiny little details that stood out. For example, his Harry Potter room with an upside down lamp hanging from one of the shelves. That created such an intriguing image in my mind and really added to Joshua’s character.

Can I also say that the Joshua and Damien friendship was the most hilarious and simultaneously adorable thing I’ve read about in a long time. Their bromance made me laugh so many times. I especially loved it when Damien was talking to Sophia and basically told her to consider Joshua like AW THAT’S SO CUTE.

Okay I can’t review this book without talking about the sibling dynamic that I saw in so many different places. So first off, Joshua and Gillian. I absolutely loved Gillian’s character and her sass along with her problematic nature with their mother. The love that Joshua had for her was so adorable to see such a friendly, close and genuine dynamic between the two. And the scene where Gillian comes to Joshua’s room and sees him with Sophia made me smile so wide, I swear, her comments make everything better. Secondly, the Sophia and Toby relationship was definitely interesting to follow as well. I love how Melissa Keil very obviously contrasted the two to show different dynamics in sibling relationships. Following the development of Sophia and Toby’s encounters gave me a lot of heartfelt moments, if that makes any sense. The two of them getting to know each others flaws and secrets near the end of the novel really made me feel happy for the two. Lastly, though it wasn’t that huge of a part of the novel, I really liked seeing the little bits of Elsie and her brothers. Again with the contrast, a big family like Elsie’s is for sure different to just being two kids. I really liked how close all of them were to Sophia and how she had almost become part of their family, even if she felt  little closed off.

That leads me into talking about Sophia’s character. Her social anxiety (correct me if that’s not the right descriptive) was really what helped the plot move along in this novel, as I guess you could say it was kind of the antagonist in a way. While Sophia was constantly trying to battle this inner fear or struggle she has, she was also trying to figure out how to show people she cared, and these genuine interactions were not only impactful for the story, but also very relatable. It was so interesting to see her little quirks as well, like what she did on the weekends before Joshua actually called her.

I have to talk about the element of magic in this novel. For me, this is truly what brought the story to life, what made it original and enticing. From hearing Joshua’s critiquing of other magicians to seeing his little cards tricks and the way he’s always moving his hands to the finale big magic trick at the end, every little bit of it felt so real. The descriptions of the final magic trick were written so incredibly well. It’s often hard to write about something that truly isn’t there, like magic, and I think Melissa Keil did it flawlessly.

I highly, highly, highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a cute contemporary, something with family dynamics, something that deals with anxiety, a story that has friendship challenges and one that is is unique through it’s tiny little quirks.



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