Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Rating: 3.7/5


Okay, so this book/script was something I absolutely could not wait for to be released. So I did have really high hopes for it. I think just the fact that this was another book in the Harry Potter series, another book that included all our beloved characters and new ones as well, made it incredibly enjoyable for me, and I’m sure for any Potterhead out there. It’s been 9 years since the Deathly Hallows was released, so the whole fandom was so excited to have a new story in the Harry Potter world and that aspect alone made the book enjoyable. Now I also did really enjoy the story and the way it was written. Reading a play made it a whole different experience which was super interesting. However, there were some things that happened in the play that just felt out of place to me. It felt like these things would never have actually happened in the Harry Potter universe. There is a Buzzfeed article my sister sent me that basically covers it all which I will link at the end of this non-spoiler review but beware the article DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS. Lastly, I think seeing this book as a play will be better for some reason. I think reading it doesn’t quite give it all of it’s glory.

<Buzzfeed Article I mentioned>



Okay so like I said there were some things I felt were really out of place and not realistic in this story. The Buzzfeed article I linked above basically covers them all (except I disagree with the last one. I think it’s totally fine that we now know that Harry is afraid of pigeons) but I’ll just go over the main ones right now.

  1. Cedric Diggory would never be a death eater. Like how does that make sense? He’s a Hufflepuff and one of the most kind hearted people we read about in the books. He’s just the all around good guy that everyone liked. It just doesn’t seem likely that in any universe Cedric would be a death eater.
  2. Hermione being all rude and mean in an alternate universe where she isn’t married to Ron. Like we’re talking about one of the greatest witches of all time here. Hermione would never become some mopey lady just because she didn’t marry, she would be killing any job that she had.
  3. Voldemort having a child in general. I didn’t think this was super unlikely at first but after talking about it with my siblings who thought differently, I realized they were right. Voldemort, I mean VOLDEMORT. It’s just not likely.

Also, the trolly lady being some super creepy guardian was weird. I mean, it wasn’t as unlikely as some of the other things, but it was still weird.

Okay so, regardless of all of those things, like I said, I really did enjoy this story. Scorpius Malfoy was GREAT. I loved this character so much like wow. He was definitely my favourite character in the story and I just found him wonderful from his first line.

I also really liked the Harry and Albus moments. Those had that problematic father-son relationship vibe to them and it made me sad reading them, especially the part where Harry tries to give Albus his baby blanket.

Even though Ron was there for comic relief most of the time I still really liked his character. I don’t really have much to say on this because I just really like Ron in general.

I really liked how Scorpius and Albus used the baby blanket to communicate with Harry and Ginny. I didn’t expect it at all and I thought the conversation between the two boys was really fun to read, Albus trying to get the point across to Scorpius.

My favourite scene from the whole book would probably been the whole alternate universe where Hermione was wanted and in hiding and Snape was protecting her. The way they went back in time together and how Snape acted just fit together really well in my opinion. Also Snape had some pretty funny lines. Like when Scorpius told him that he was killed by Voldemort and Snape says something along the lines of “How very irritating” I was like THAT’S SUCH A SNAPE ANSWER I just really liked it. Oh and ALSO when Hermione tells Snape that she’s sorry he’s dead in Scorpius’ world and Snape is like “At least I’m not married to him.” I thought that was pretty funny.

I also loved seeing the Harry and Ginny relationship play out, and their problems as a couple and all those things. However I was left wanting more Ginny. More Ginny and more Rose please.

Overall, I really liked this book because it let all of us Potterheads have new canon content to fangirl over and we got to see all our fave characters again and their kids and also time travel was super cool. If you like Harry Potter (which you all should. Like go read the books) then you should read this, which I don’t even think I need to say because I know you all will 🙂


What are your thoughts? Let’s discuss!


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