Review: Never Never Series by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

Rating: 2.7/5

Note: I decided to review this series together instead of book by book because I feel it was quite a short series (the books were not long at all, and all very easy reads) and the story fits together book by book in several different ways.



I found this book a little hard to enjoy. This may have been for several different reasons that only apply to me, but I still have thoughts on this book I feel you guys should know if you’re planning to read it. If you’ve read some of Colleen Hoover’s other novels, these books are a little different in terms of it’s not just a realistic fiction love story. It has a different vibe to it. It is also a bit far fetched in my opinion in some areas, which made things hard to believe from my point of view. However, the main mysterious plot line of the novels were done well and I definitely wanted to keep reading to find out more (I binge read all three on a flight to Australia) and try to discover what was going on. I would recommend it if you aren’t looking for a realistic fiction book that is quite fun and cute and logical. If you like mysteries and realistic fiction that does have a love story intertwined with it and you’re not to fussed about how logical things are, then I suggest you give this series a shot.



So I think the main reason I didn’t enjoy this series is because the idea of “soulmates” and they way it was portrayed in this book seemed so unrealistic and far fetched to me. Like yeah okay I get that soulmates is a cute thing but the idea that the whole reason Charlie and Silas were losing their MEMORIES every 48 hours was because they split up was so far from realistic that I felt like it needed a fantasy plot tie in for me to enjoy it. For example, if this was a fantasy book, and there was some specific link that Charlie and Silas had for a reason that was fantasy related, I may have really enjoyed the series. But the idea that this was all supposed to be realistic and contemporary fiction doesn’t seem right to me.

Another reason I may have not liked it is because I went in hoping for a cute romance story and got a mystery romance instead. This didn’t effect me too much though, as I am able to quickly change my views when reading if I need to. I didn’t let the fact that I was expecting something else ruin the entire series for me.

I think my favourite book was definitely the first one. I really liked the family discussions that went on in that book and how both families linked together. The sibling relationships throughout the entire series was probably my favourite part and something I really enjoyed, especially Landon. I really enjoyed the scene where Charlie took Janice out for dinner and they bonded. I just found it really cute how this new Charlie didn’t want to be the terrible sister the Charlie she couldn’t remember was.

I think the whole side plot of “the Shrimp” and that Charlie was related to her was not really needed, and didn’t really add much to the plot. It was a plot twist that I definitely did not see coming, but I didn’t really care for it too much.

The cheesy relationship between the old Charlie and Silas was for sure something I struggled to read through because of how cringey their old relationship was, however I found some parts of it humorous as well. I really liked the way Silas found out a lot through reading old letters he had written Charlie and vice versa, I thought that was a unique thing about the book that it did well.

Overall, I wouldn’t put this series on a list of books that I would recommend to people or call one of my favorites, but I did enjoy the first book quite a lot. The whole series as a whole is something I didn’t like for reasons I stated earlier that may only be subjective to myself, so like I said if you like mysteries and realistic fiction that does have a love story intertwined with it and you’re not to fussed about how logical things are, then you may enjoy it.


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