Review: Endgame The Calling By James Frey

Goodreads rating: 4/5


This book is done in such a unique way that it makes it even more interesting to read. However, there were times where I was confused by the writing, or I felt like certain sections dragged on a little too long which may have been in the hopes to be more poetic, but I didn’t really like that. That’s why it didn’t get my 5/5 stars, but regardless, the way the book is written and the format is incredibly different than what I’ve seen before making it ultimately more interesting and enjoyable to read.



Okay so. This book has so much going on in it that I don’t know where to start.

The characters. I loved the way every single character was done in this book, making it easy to see which ones I would dislike and the ones I would be rooting for in the game. I think it varies for each reader but personally I could not stand Christopher (still can’t) and every time Chiyoko did something I was like UGH why is she so smart! Honestly, I’m happy she’s gone, I don’t think I would have been able to tolerate her in the next book.

In terms of relationships, I also think these were done very well. Although the time span that Sarah and Jago spent together was quite long, reading it made it seem much shorter which may have at time confused me at why they were so into each other, but it was easy for me to pull back the events and figure it out. The love triangle is great, even though it is a basic book thing I still enjoyed it. I also think the weird brother like bond between Macabee and Baitsakhan was super interesting to read and I’m really curious to see what will happen with them in the next book.

Shari really confused me in this novel. We had the really weird cliffhanger with her at the end which leaves me wondering many things, but I don’t understand her very well. I’m curios to see what importance she will have with the sky key.

I am super excited to see Alice in the next book. For some reason I feel like she’s going to be a lot more exciting and important in this one and I cannot wait to see what she does. The way she was portrayed in this one as the badass Australian chick made me become really interested in her.

So from the people who died, I was honestly the most upset about Kala. I thought she could be really interesting in the future with the way she acts around Sarah and Jago. I really liked her interactions with Christopher partly because we saw how cunning she is and also how sassy she can be. I for one thought the way she treated Christopher a little like a child was hilarious.

As for the storyline, I think my favourite part was when they were all together in the golden underground place in Turkey. I found the way that everything went down with Christopher choosing not to tell Kala about Baitsakhan super intriguing, and with Chiyoko obviously watching everything happen from a distance. I think the whole concept of Endgame was portrayed really well to the reader, however the little experts and poems on the sides of each chapter still make me very curious as to what importance they have. I’m sure if I put in every link that was in the endnotes at the back I could eventually figure it out, but unfortunately I’m not that invested in this book.

Overall, I definitely recommend reading this book. The language may take some getting used to but I think that it’s worth it once you’ve gotten past the first few bits. I think if you start reading it and one of the main reasons you feel like putting it down is because of the way it’s written, then you should try to keep reading because once you’re used to it, the story will really become more alive for you and interesting to read.



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