Review: The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

Goodreads rating: 4/5


So, this is the third Morgan Matson book I read, and I was not disappointed. This wasn’t my favourite one at all, but it was still a great book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. The characters are easy to connect with, however I found it hard to fall in love with Andie. I didn’t have this problem with the other characters, but I found her personality and attitude a little bit unlikable in certain situations in the story. The plot line is great as well, although it is quite predictable at times.



Okay so. Let’s narrow this down to topics.

The Parents 

I really really enjoyed Andie’s dad. I loved loved how we got to see the way he develops overtime in the book and how his relationship with Andie improved overtime. I also loved seeing the way he would talk about his wife, or Andie’s mom. I think the way Morgan Matson weaved her through the story was absolutely amazing, with the first date story that Andie’s dad told her, and the way the old car was left behind for her as well as this little letter he mother wrote. Oh and of course the feminine products, that was one of my favorite parts. But going back to Alexander, I think it was so interesting to see the way he really did care about his daughter after he realized how much the elections were hurting her and their relationship. It think the moments I enjoyed most with Andie’s dad were the scavenger hunt where he tagged along and drove her and Toby around or the part where he was talking to Clark about his books and nerding out about them together.

Clark ❤ ❤

I fell in love with Clark from the moment we met him. His nerdy shirts were the first thing that got me and I was like WOAH THIS DUDE IS GREAT. I loved how nerdy he was with all his obsessions. And how he was this child prodigy writer?? Like that was such a cool element to add in and I loved the way he would talk about his books with others, and the way he started acting when he got back into writing. And when he got out of the water and Andie mentioned his body I was like OH MY LORD THIS BOY IS THE DEFINITION OF PERFECT. I also loved Clark’s relationship with Tom, I found it absolutely adorable the way they would stay up and marathon movies and just nerd out about things together.

The BFF  quadruple

I don’t have much to say about these characters, other than I really liked the way the relationship was based, with Bri and Toby being the unbreakable (or so we think) duo who then met Andie who then met Parker. As I said in my non-spoiler part of this review, I didn’t really love Andie. Now I’m not just saying this because of the major dumb things she did like keeping the Bri and Wyatt secret (which I’ll talk about later) from her friends, or going and making out with Topher like a minute after she broke up with Tom. I’m saying it for bigger reasons as well, like how she used to limit her relationships to three weeks, or the way she would sometimes ignore what Clark would tell her and push her beliefs in front of his. For example, when she told Clark about Bri and Wyatt and then Clark tried to tell her that it really wasn’t her decision to make, she completely shut him down and made his opinion seem sort of worthless. I’m sure this was done to show a weak point in Andie’s life, but it along with many other situations just made her unlikable to me.

The Bri and Wyatt Scandal 

Okay so I found this extremely predictable. From the moment that Wyatt was splashing Bri on the beach I predicted that this would happen. It seemed so obvious to me with all the clues dropped, which I’m sure were to maybe hint at it, but not make it as predictable as I found it. I mean a best friend duo that is apparently inseparable gets separated. It seemed pretty obvious to me. However, other than the predictability of the situation, I understand why Morgan Matson made Andie react the way she did by trying to cover it up and keep it a secret from her friends. It definitely made the story a little more tense and interesting to read and wonder what would happen once Toby and Palmer found out.

The Text Messages

I really loved this aspect of this book. It was so much fun to see the way the texts were sent across the group of friends, especially with Toby’s emoji’s. My favourite part was when Clark told Tom about Bri and Wyatt and then told Andie this who then freaked out and texted Tom and then Palmer texted Andie and the whole thing was just all around really entertaining.

The Dog Walking

Okay so can we agree Bertie is the best dog ever. I know we can’t see him but the way Morgan Matson wrote him was amazing. I loved Bertie so much. And I also really liked the overall idea that Andie, this girl who had everything planned out in her life and was going to go to a great summer course and later on an even better college, was forced to do something as mediocre as dog walking over the summer because of her dad’s political scandal. It also made for an adorable book cover and jacket. 🙂

Those are my main thoughts about the book! If you agree or disagree with anything I said please talk about it in the comments! Did I miss anything? Leave your thoughts in the comments and let’s discuss 🙂



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